Monday, March 1, 2010

The First One is Free

There's an idiom about addictiveness of Liddle's hulls: "The first one is free," as in the first ride is free, but the next one'll cost you...

This is my first Liddle. I snagged it used from Jim Shank in Redondo, who told me it's a Matt Miller shape...

All I know is that it FLIES.
7'4" x 18.75" x 22.625" x 14.875" x 3" - wide and bladed like crazy

I've loaned the board to everyone from Japanese surf-tourists to local rippers (Dan Villalon), and to a T, everyone has had a "yeeee-haaw" moment... It sounds corny, but there's something magic about the way this board accelerates in the pocket.

FYI - the fin is hand-foiled volan, courtesy of Esteban Bojorquez.

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  1. Nice. I just got a very bladed 7'0" from Greg. 18.5", 22", 15".
    Maiden voyage yesterday up at 2nd. Waist to chest high. A couple fun ones!