Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Sea for Yourself

A mid-week session at Malibu, circa 2007.

Keeping it creedle for all the kooks.

Keep your right hand on the shifter.

Malibu all to myself.

Shitty quality photos courtesy of Danimal.
Shitty quality surfing courtesy of me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to the Family

A big hullo to one of the finest collections of Liddle Hulls in the world.

From left to right, that's:
Wild Thang (Esteban Bojorquez)
Danimal's 7'0"
Jaws (Esteban Bojorquez)
My Matt Miller 7'4"
The Falsa (post coming soon!)
The Cougar - 1968 GL #080

The One He Left Behind

Dan V. (below, doing his best "Tyler Hatzikian" impersonation) went to Chicago to get his MBA, leaving his 7'0" to collect dust... and an occasional Topanga rock ding.

It's eagerly awaiting his goofy-footed return.

GL Smoothy - 7'0" x 17.625" x 21.5" x 15.625" x 2.875"
A beautiful, square-tailed template.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The First One is Free

There's an idiom about addictiveness of Liddle's hulls: "The first one is free," as in the first ride is free, but the next one'll cost you...

This is my first Liddle. I snagged it used from Jim Shank in Redondo, who told me it's a Matt Miller shape...

All I know is that it FLIES.
7'4" x 18.75" x 22.625" x 14.875" x 3" - wide and bladed like crazy

I've loaned the board to everyone from Japanese surf-tourists to local rippers (Dan Villalon), and to a T, everyone has had a "yeeee-haaw" moment... It sounds corny, but there's something magic about the way this board accelerates in the pocket.

FYI - the fin is hand-foiled volan, courtesy of Esteban Bojorquez.


"Standing in sand at first point, stunned onlookers would stare in astonishment, wondering where the guy in bun huggers doing 100 mph came from."

GL transitional volume displacement hull.
Souped-up and dirted-out by Esteban "Dirt" Bojorquez.
Widely considered the fastest board ever ridden at Malibu.
Contact me with questions regarding pricing/availability of this board. It belongs in a museum, not in my shitty apartment.

Wild Thang

Wild thang, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure
So come on and hold me tight
You move me.

Wild Thang (on loan from the private collection of Esteban Bojorquez).
GL transitional volume displacement hull.
Hot-rodded by Esteban Bojorquez.
Approximately 6'9" & dirrrrrrty.
SK once told me this might be the fastest surfboard he's ever ridden.
Contact me if you're interested in purchasing for your collection.

The Cougar

She is 41. I am 28.
She wants to teach me. I want to learn.
You might see her prowling the points of northern LA county soon.

GL #080 - shaped 8/17/68 - original logo
8'0" - Waveset fin - knifey rails and a bit of belly (but no V-bottom)
Going to KP for restoration asap.